Trusted Resources

SPEKTRUM is proud to endorse the following organizations and individuals as LGBTQA+ resources for quality information, care and services. All of our listed resources are vetted by our staff and/or board of directors.

Community Organizations & Support Services

Zebra Coalition

Zebra Coalition is an LGBTQ+ Youth support organization. They have a variety of services and programs appealing to the needs LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-24.

Prescription Assistance Resources


GoodRX is a great resource for medication pricing for individuals without insurance.

Educational Resources

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)

The WPATH is the gold standard for health topics pertaining to transgender people and medical transition practices. 

LGBTQA+ Charity Legal Services

Southern Legal

Southern Legal Counsel, Inc. (SLC) is a Florida statewide not-for-profit public interest law firm that is committed to the ideal of equal justice for all and the attainment of basic human and civil rights. 

Florida Name Change

Floirda Name Change is a free service to assist individuals with the necessary steps and documents to legally change their name.

Gender Marker Change

SPEKTRUM Health, Inc.

SPEKTRUM Health is pleased to offer assistance services for gender marker changes. We issue letters to individuals that can be used at the DMV, Passport Office, Banking institutations and many more!

Compounding & Pharmacy (bioidentical homones)

Coastal Compounding

Hormone therapy that is made specifically for you! Your prescriber at SPEKTRUM will work with our partner pharmacist to develop a 100% custom hormone transition treatment plan & dosage regimen. Affordable, topical & oral options for FtM and MtF patients!

Free Chest Binders & Feminine Shapewear

Point of Pride is an organization that provides free chest binders and is capable of accepting donations from individuals willing to donate their chest binders. They also have trans-feminine shapewear on their site as well.

Transitional Apparel & Chest Binders


LGBT owned & developed transition shape wear & binders.

Mental Health Professionals for LGBTQA+ People

Lindsay Kincaide, MS, LMHC Center for the Healing Arts, LLC

Lindsay (she/her) is well known to the LGBTQ community! She works with a variety of patients for a variety of mental health concerns. She also facilitates a group that meets regularly.

Depression Looks Like Me

Stories and victories of overcoming mental health challenges by LGBTQA+ people.

Jamie Gunning, MS SoulCare Orlando, LLC

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Jamie (she/her) offers Mental Health Services focused on Couples and Individuals. Jamie is competent and experienced working with the LGBTQA+ community. 

Katie Horton, MS Center for the Healing Arts

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

Katie (she/her) deeply respects that it can take bravery to make that first appointment, therefore, she is fierce about fostering a safe, respectful, patient, and sacred space for clients to share and build a therapeutic relationship. As a Trans therapist, Katie’s intimate knowledge of the journey through transition enables her to bring a depth of clarity and understanding to her sessions with the transgender and gender-expansive community.


expertise includes LGBTQIA+, Transgender/Gender Identity issues, Coming Out, and The Journey of Transitioning, Kink, Pagan, poly/non-monogamous.  

Sarah Hoskens Helman, NCC, LMHC Embracing Balance Counseling, LLC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Sarah (she/her) provides LGBTQ+ culturally competent care. She works with gender identity issues, depression and anxiety issues.

Pamela Albert, LMHC Pamela Albert Therapy

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Pamela (sher/her) provides LGBTQAI culturally competent care. She is dedicated to working with the LGBTQAI community for both individual and group therapy. She offers groups for FtM teens and MtF adults regularly.

Gilead & Advancing Access

PrEP / TaSP Medication Assistance

SPEKTRUM is proud to partner with Gilead and offer Advancing Access QUICK REGISTER feature! Follow this link and complete the online form to apply for medication assistance. Most patients get 100% coverage of their HIV treatment/prevention medication!

Housing & Real Estate

The Nickley Group

Tom Nickley & Tiss Morell along with their team at The Nickley Group have a proven record of helping Central Florida’s LGBTQ people find their dream home and make it a reality! In addition to their superior customer service and expert knowledge of the market they are both donor’s for our organization!

Fertility & Family Planning


Fertility solution for AMAB individuals who have not yet decided if they want to reproduce in the future. This is a simple, and low cost method of preserving sperm for future implantation and reproducing.

Medical Cannabis Partner

Woodstock Medical Cannabis

Woodstock Medicincal Doctors is a proud partner of SPEKTRUM Health. They offer medical certification and support for the use of medical Cannabis products. Be sure to alert them that you are a patient here at SPEKTRUM for a streamlined and discounted experience!

Hair Removal / Home Laser

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal ~ AT HOME! These laser machines are perfect for home / self-use. SPEKTRUM health’s patients have had TONS of success with hair removal from the privacy of their own home, on their own schedule at a fraction of the price!

LGBTQA+ Retail & Shopping in Orlando


LGBTQA+ retail at its finest! Swimwear, clothing and accesories!

Penzeys Spices

Penzeys Spices

Before cooking, strength was the power to drive others away. With cooking, strength became the power to welcome others in. Through cooking we learned the world becomes a better place when we care about others. That was true one million years ago. That will be true one million years from now. It is this strength to stand up for what is right and speak out against what isn’t that Penzeys seeks to grow.



Kick Bright is the vendor that supplies all of SPEKTRUM’s swag buttons!

LGBTQA+ Retail & Shopping in Orlando


YOUR LOGO HERE ~ Become a supporter today!

Busines Services

End to End Business Services

Clark-Ritchotte Communications is a Orlando Digital Business Services provider, that provides Voice/Telecommunications, Managed WordPress, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Services to small business, enterprise, and government customers.


Full-Service Creative Services

We are creative Agency that gets brands and people to connect. Our designs and campaigns don’t just talk; they listen, understand, and emote. We admire both those who create the box and think outside it. People over profit, innovation over idleness, fun over flat; we want the ideas we build to inspire. Ultimately, we love designing interaction, and we want that interaction to have meaning.

Life Coaching & Personal Success

Robinhood Life & Leadership Coaching

Rob is a advocate and leader for the community. As an openly gay transgender man & educator, he has modeled being his authentic self in and out of the classroom. As he increased his understanding of himself, he also fell in love with coaching for transformational change for his peers and community.

Laboratory Services

Quest Diagnostics

SPEKTRUM Health is proud to endorse our partnership with Quest Diagnostics for processing of laboratory specimens. Through our strong partnership we are able to provide high quality services with excellent discounts for our patients!

Top Surgery (FtM & MtF)

FtM Top Surgery

The team of board-certified plastic surgeons at HZ Plastic Surgery are leaders in masculinizng chest surgery for transgender men and transmasculine individuals. They work closely with our organization to ensure the best possible experience and results for our patients!

Gender Affirming Surgery

Gender Affirming Vaginoplasty (GAV)

Dr Marci Bowers is the world leading expert on male to female gender affirming vaginoplasty (GAV). She also happens to be a friend and mentor to our organizations founder (Joey). With the help of her amazing team she provides top quality surgical services with unmatched customer service!

Gender Affirming Surgery

Drs. Whitehead, Ramirez and Quintero are highly acclaimed specialists in gender affrimation surgery and non-surgical facial transformation who have created a private destination to support the transgender community. This includes the friendly office experience as well as their accredited on-site operating center that substantially cuts the cost of surgery versus the cost of hospital-based surgery. The doctors’ education, training, experience and beautiful results are well-known throughout the US, as is their passionate advocacy for the rights of all transgender men and women. Their warmth, humanity and understanding bring tears of joy and gratitude to the eyes of their patients (and patients’ families).