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SPEKTRUM Health’s mission is to provide top quality comprehensive primary healthcare options for LGBTQA+ individuals. We empower individuals to achieve their peak mental and physical health goals. We will engage with community organizations for meaningful and trusting relationship endeavors that will meet the needs of the LGBTQA+ community. We are completely non-profit and operate by way of grants and private donations.

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Daniel HoltDaniel Holt
16:24 06 Jun 23
Until I went to Spektrum, I never had a healthcare provider where I was truly seen, heard, or cared for. After my first visit, I had to take a moment to cry in the car because of how relieved and blessed I felt to finally find such wonderful people. I cannot recommend them enough. No matter your orientation, identity, or situation, they will welcome you.
Paul SloanPaul Sloan
15:26 30 Jan 23
This is the most AMAZING practice my family and I have ever been to. Every member of the staff are the most patient, caring and attentive people I’ve ever met. The front desk staff is incredible, the nurses are incredible, the nurse practitioners are incredible and I will never bring my children anywhere else. Thank you guys for taking such amazing car of my family! If you are looking for LGBTQIA+ competent health care, you must come here! You will not find a better office!
Aston DemkoAston Demko
14:32 26 Jan 23
I’ve been going to Spektrum for almost two years now and I have felt nothing but loved, supported, and taken care of the entire time I’ve been a patient with them! They’re extremely accommodating to your schedule and every single one one of the staff are kind and compassionate individuals who do nothing but strive to make your experience a positive one! I’m so thankful to be apart of the Spektrum family and I can’t imagine being a patient anywhere else!
Eli MEli M
17:52 02 Jan 23
Dr. Denise Morgan is an excellent doctor, I always feel heard here and like we’re family! Everyone is so easy to talk to and the desk staff is awesome. I appreciate everyone here and am so glad to have a place I can go to for my medical needs where I feel heard
Mel DuranMel Duran
15:00 23 Dec 22
By far the best medical care I’ve ever received in my life, even for regular checkups. I feel so so safe here, so cared for, so seen and heard, from the front desk all the way through to the doctors office. Their entire office is also very clean (like new), colorful, and inviting. There are a lot of informative posters hanging in the rooms as well, which is nice while you’re waiting to be seen.
Ash Leigh MajicAsh Leigh Majic
15:08 18 Oct 22
Dr Denise is absolutely wonderf. Me and my husband drive from over an hour away just to come to this Dr office. Every one of them are welcoming comforting and they make you feel like family. I have had them for over a year and they are the best Dr office I have ever been to. People in the Lgbt family definitely don't have to worry about your comfort levels here. These people are amazing.
Erick MurilloErick Murillo
16:15 22 Sep 22
SPEKTRUM Health is an oasis for those who need help and I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to receive that help. Everyone is so nice and the place has a warm, inviting feel to it... It's like a second family or a group of close-knit friends! I also wish to give my heartfelt thanks to Ann: She helped me during a hard time in my life and through her counseling, life has been a much brighter place. Thanks to everyone at SPEKTRUM Health for all the good vibes and better health!
Kyono KnoxKyono Knox
19:15 29 Jun 22
I’ve been coming here since moving to the Orlando area for my HRT and now this is the place I recommend to all my friends. I absolutely love it here. Special shout-out to Denise, Toni, Stephanie, and Emma!! Overall this office has an amazing group of people working together to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your entire experience; they truly cater your care to you.
Alexandra ArielleAlexandra Arielle
17:54 16 Jul 21
Best doctors office I’ve ever been a patient at. I’m actually excited for my appointments when they’re coming up and I’ve always HATED going to the doctor. I feel completely seen and heard and I trust their care. Highly recommend!
Anh PhamAnh Pham
19:31 26 Jun 21
I found them by accident. The staff are well trained and they will take care of you like you are their family members.About my doctor, i am naturally getting sick constantly as a result, I have been going to hospital and doctors offices more than once a month.. what being said,, I really sensed my doctor has healer spiritual and mental health care experiences.And the most important thing is you don't need to wait. Who wants to wait when you don't feel well right ? Lol well,I didn't have to wait a very long time like any other doctors offices even though I already scheduled an appointment. 😉I will miss this place when I deploy again 😢
Deren-Aleksander LeeDeren-Aleksander Lee
16:17 04 Jun 21
Wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and helpful. Wendy drew my blood and made me feel comfortable and eased my nervousness at the prospect. 10/10 recommend this place to anyone looking for great and welcoming care.
Sarah Ellis [Chandler]Sarah Ellis [Chandler]
14:58 29 May 21
I can't say enough good things about Spektrum Health. They literally probably saved my life this year. They make you feel immediately like family. It doesn't matter why or how often you need them, they are there for you! I have used Spektrum for mental health counselling, PCP, and Trans services. Everyone who works there genuinely cares and are 100 percent knowledgeable and professional. So glad they are expanding. I wish Spektrum all the best, ALL healthcare providers should be like Spektrum.
Cassidy CoxCassidy Cox
17:36 18 May 21
They are incredibly caring here, really focused on getting you better and helping you feel safe at the same time. Never in my life have I felt so heard and understood by medical professionals I highly highly recommend spektrum.
Kelsey HKelsey H
15:11 12 May 21
When my wife came out as mtf I went with her to her first therapy appointment at Spektrum. We were both so impressed that now we both see Ann for therapy and Kim for medical needs and we wouldn't go anywhere else. If we ever move out of Central Florida we will absolutely stay patients remotely.Every single person there genuinely wants nothing more than to help people be happy. Your pronouns will be embraced and you will be surrounded by people who will help you be your best self no matter what your concerns are. You can tell that this is not just a job for any of them. It really shows how passionate they are about equality and protecting the LGBTQ+ community.
Linda MurchisonLinda Murchison
19:12 12 Apr 21
Always absolutely wonderful & can’t find enough words for praise! I totally recommend them to anyone & everyone in need of any therapy services.
Cheyenne RoyalesCheyenne Royales
18:27 11 Feb 21
The staff are so warm, friendly, and welcoming! Not only do they make me feel valid, they also make me feel like I'm being heard about my concerns and valued as a member of society. I love this facility and will be using them for all of my needs that I can have managed here. A great team really making a difference in the world!
Melissa ZegersMelissa Zegers
16:27 03 Feb 21
I have never loved going to the doctor before, but I love going here! It feels like I am seeing friends and like I am at home here. I feel so cared for and welcome that I almost don’t want to leave 😄
Aiden GallagherAiden Gallagher
14:09 04 Jan 21
I absolutely LOVE this place and its staff! I had been searching for an office to help me with my transition and make me feel comfortable. The place is the most comforting doctors office I have ever been in. My wife and I both see Joey and he is just phenomenal. I never feel like I'm bothering him or his staff when I need things addressed and its amazing.
Lizz KaczmarskiLizz Kaczmarski
16:42 09 Dec 20
I cannot say anything but good words about Spektrum Health!! I’ve been to a lot of different doctors from general medical physicians to surgeons, and all of the offices are the same. Fill out the paperwork, sit down and wait to be called back. Then wait some more, up to an hour at times, until the doctor shows up. No one wants to deal with that.This was certainly NOT the case with this medical office! Seeing nurse practitioners is by far better than seeing a physician. Both Joey & Kim are VERY knowledgeable, professional yet laid back and clearly passionate about helping the LGBTQA+ community. Lana, Megan and Wendy are the best “front of house” people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They make those first moments into your visit, feel less of an appointment and more of an outing with friends so to speak. My anxiety was definitely less than normal thanks to them. I love that the entire staff is a wonderful representation of our community as well! It’s rare to find a medical office that treats you like a family member/friend.
Larry BakerLarry Baker
18:53 23 Oct 20
I recently relocated back to Orlando from Atlanta and was looking to restart PrEP. I’m so thankful I found this office. Everyone greeted me with a smile (I could tell even wearing a mask) and sooo nice. My visit went really quick but informative. And they had a great program that made my medication affordable. Thank you to the entire staff and I’ll see you in 3 months.
Frank WhiteFrank White
14:59 20 Oct 20
LOVE Joey and his crew! They have a way of making my daughter and me feel special every time we see them or talk with them in the phone. I recommend them to everyone!
Madison GiampaoloMadison Giampaolo
14:55 20 Oct 20
A very personable facility! Every visit I feel even more and more comfortable. I highly recommend coming here for all of your health care needs!
14:56 08 Oct 20
Joey, Lana, Meghan, Wendy and everyone else who has worked with me have all been so kind and knowledgeable and helpful in ways that I never expected from a healthcare provider. This practice has demonstrated to me a level of competence and care that I've found to be unmatched by any other in my experience.If you are looking for a healthcare provider who will take you seriously, listen to you, and work with (and for) you, then this is where you want to be.
Robert HagenRobert Hagen
17:40 19 Sep 20
Finding Spektrum health last year is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It really has been life changing. My experience with Joey and the staff at Spektrum has been better than at any other health care provider I have gone to.Spektrum is never the rush rush production line that most clinics are these days. The staff is super friendly and all of them take the time to listen and to make me feel like I matter.Having the virtual telemedicine option available made it easy for me to keep my appointment during the pandemic too!
Salem MassSalem Mass
14:47 13 Sep 20
Wonderful experience. Staff were really attentive and Joey treated me like a person. I highly recommend their services!
Chloe AramburuChloe Aramburu
21:46 25 Aug 20
I have been looking for a medical that I can trust since I transitioning 4 years which it's been very challenging until I found Spektrum Team since I first reach them Lana helped met clearly understand their mission and services. I was so impressed by her professional and excellent customer service. The day of my appointment they welcome like a family member becoming part of their amazing family. Wendy made sure that knew all my medical history in order to provide an excellent experience. She's very knowledgeable, kind, and humble at this point of my visit I knew I made the right decision. After few minutes waiting Joe came in a made feel like her best friend and sister we talked for an hour about my medical history needs and concerns. In my personal life have never met a Doctor's who truly love what he does. I could see in his eyes the passion and willingness to understand my medical needs. He's professional, honest, knowledge but most important humble and kind. He truly love what he does. I could felt that will do anything to help to make medical journey better. If you find yourself in my position looking for a medical team that will clearly understand and make feel like a family give them a chance I promise you will love them as I do.Thank you so much 💟💕
Michael Keith MuellerMichael Keith Mueller
15:01 13 Aug 20
Joey is very knowledgeable and the staff is extremely kind! Special shout out to Lana and Wendy for being super cool and friendly!
Seth AvilaSeth Avila
15:08 27 Jul 20
Awesome staff! Great experience every time I come to my appointments. Pro nouns are very important to them and that’s what makes the deal maker for me ! Will be coming here for now on!
Chelsea NewburyChelsea Newbury
16:09 23 Jul 20
The entire process was amazing. Super sweet and caring people. No troubles at all. Id give a 10/10 but the whole thing was beyond that !! Very happy.
Amy MossAmy Moss
13:40 21 Jul 20
Love this place! The staff is amazing and truly makes you feel comfortable.
Leo LuxLeo Lux
18:35 19 Jun 20
This place is amazing. Joey is a wonderful individual. They’re all so nice and welcoming. I feel confident in the services I am receiving and I am in good hands! I’d recommend this place to anyone looking for outstanding and amazing care.
Jii R.Jii R.
21:49 28 Jan 20
All my searching for help on my lqbtq medical needs stopped here at Spektrum Heatlh. I searched all over Florida for years to continue my hormone therapy, and there has never been a place that is more caring and understanding than here. The entire staff is lovely and they treat you like a real human rather than just a patient. It's real easy to feel safe and comfortable here, around people who truly understand your needs and are very respectful. Joey is a true blessing. He's very passionate about his and work and remains personable, professional, and respectful. He's really looking out for each of his patients and you can tell that he's doing something that he truly loves. I'm happy to say that I found a place where i know I'll be secure moving forward with Spektrum Health.

What we do best

Primary Care

Primary care encompasses health needs to maintain or promote good health. Your primary care provider should know YOU and be able to meet YOUR needs. Cultural competence in LGBTQA+ is not guaranteed at most health clinics, but at SPEKTRUM Health.. IT IS! Let us be your partner in care!

Gender Affirming Treatment (GAT) (sometimes referred to as “HRT”)

Our providers are trained by experts in the field and have a wealth of experience working with the transgender community. We understand the needs of transgender individuals for both mental health and physical well being during their medical transition and care.

Weight Management

Nurse Practitioners are poised to address the dietary needs and weight managment goals of patients. The clinical team at SPEKTRUM Health can help you achieve your ideal weight. We utilize a variety of techniques, interventions and medicines to help optimize results. We have affordable access to Semaglutide (GLP-1) for those who desire/qualify.

Mental Health Counseling

SPEKTRUM Health is happy to offer counseling services to help our patients reach their peak mental health. Our therapists can help with depression, anxiety, concentration and focus deficits, life-skill building, as well as readiness and letters of support for transhealth related services!

Med-Psych Management

Your mental health is important! Never sit in silence, never sit alone. Speak up about your mental health and receive treatment from our expert providers. We have counseling options and medical management options!

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine has shown tremendous promise in alleviating deep rooted depression, traumas and anxieties. Perfect for refractory depression, PTSD, CPTSD, moderate OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Ketamine works on a very specific group of cells in your brain called NMDA receptors. These receptors interact with neurotransmitters such as glutamate to excite your neurons! Relax in our infusion suite while our experienced Registered Nurse adminsiters the medication (by intravenous infusion) and monitors you continuously. Many patients report improvement in their overall happiness and comfort with as little as one treatment! (Suggested minimum of 3 treatments to start). This is a self-pay service only; third party payers (insurance providers) are still not covering this intervention.

HIV Treatment & Prevention (TaSP & PrEP/PEP)

HIV management options are not as complex as they once were. Treatment as Prevention (TaSP) is a means of controlling the HIV virus so it cannot spread (U=U). The virus is easily controlled and its spread is easily prevented using modern medical regimens. Doing so no longer requires the care of a specialist; primary care providers are trained and experienced in providing this care! Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a means for an individual to protect themselves from acquiring the virus. WE CAN GET no cost MEDICATION FOR TaSP or PrEP!

STD Treatment & Prevention

Preventing STDs is easy! Our providers can help arm you with the tools and knowledge necessary to have a healthy and happy sex life! When those accidents happen we are also here for you with treatment plans. #HealthySexual

Infusion (IV) Hydration & Nutrient Therapy

SPEKTRUM Health now offers customized intravenous infusions to optimize your health & wellness goals! Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Immune Boost are the three formulas that are most requested. Available for easy, same day scheduling!

Our Providers:

SPEKTRUM Health has the most culturally competent LGBTQA+ health providers.

Joseph (Joey) Knoll, MSN, APRN, A-GNP-C

Joseph (Joey) Knoll, MSN, APRN, A-GNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Denise Morgan,  DNP, A-GNP-C

Denise Morgan, DNP, A-GNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Michael Mueller, RMHCI

Michael Mueller, RMHCI

Mental Health Counselor

Vanessa Vann,  BSN, RN

Vanessa Vann, BSN, RN

Clinical Manager