Our providers are EXPERTS in Transgender Healthcare & Medical Transition!


We follow standards of care as outlined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare (WPATH). We have relationships with the nation’s best Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) Surgeons! Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is only part of your health; we are here to address ANY/ALL of your health needs. We know the importance of pronouns, and we know how to address our patients by their preferred names.




Our providers maintain up to date education and certifications in the field. Though there is no nationally recognized certification course; the Mazonni Center in Philadelphia is the foremost expert in continuing education courses pertaining to transgender health and medical transition. ALL OF OUR PROVIDERS attend this conference annually.






SPEKTRUM Health also follows the research found at *Howard Brown in Chicago, IL *University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in SF, CA *Callen-Lorde Center in NY, NY *Fenway Health in Boston, MA and many others!





Our dosing regimens are centered around YOUR goals and desires. We develop custom treatment plans WITH (not for) all of our patients. We welcome questions and discussion, after all … who works for who?



What do I need to start HRT?

If you have questions feel free

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Mental Health screening 

As encouraged by the WPATH we request all of our patients have a mental health evaluation. The purpose of this step is to evaluate your condition prior to beginning hormone treatment and to identify any possible risk factors of hormone conversion prior to beginning. During this appointment, if appropriate, your therapist will issue you a Hormone Replacement Therapy readiness letter or “HRT Letter” as it is known. 

We have the BEST Gender therapist!

SPEKTRUM Health is proud to have its very own transgender gender therapist, Andrea Gorney working onsite. She is here to help you with your HRT preparation and followup! She can also provide ongoing therapy services for all transgender/nonbinary individuals interested in receiving mental health services through either in person therapy or online virtual therapy. If you are interested in finding another therapist, please click here for patient resources, SPEKTRUM Health partners with several therapists in the community.

Financial Readiness 

Medical transition requires some financial dedication. Costs include medical appointments, medications and lab work. You should be ready to address these costs to avoid any interruptions in your care. Average costs are $500-1000 per year. Fortunately SPEKTRUM Health has a variety of patience assistance programs!

Schedule & Time!

You must be ready to take your medication as ordered on a routine and regular schedule. Missing dosages, missing appointments and missing lab draws will lead to delays in your results and can even be harmful to your overall health. Be ready to take your medication as prescribed, attend all scheduled appointments, and time your labs appropriately. Don’t worry, if you need help we are here for you! We send reminders (via text and email if you like!). We can even set up reminder phone calls if you need it!








*If you are already on HRT simply bring your emply bottle, or pharmacy information for verification. No need to hunt for your HRT letter. We don’t need it! (In these cases informed consent will be sufficient) 


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