Gender Affirming Treatment (GAT)


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

SPEKTRUM Health, a Florida-Based company is currently restricted by newly enacted STATE LAWS pertaining to Gender Affirming Care. We are working hard to combat these discriminatory, and politically motivated attacks by certain law makers, and hope to have full services restored ASAP! Check out the video below as one of the MANY media appearances of the SPEKTRUM Health Advocacy Crew!   

As the fight for LGBTQ rights, and more specifically, transgender rights spreads across the nation, SPEKTRUM Health is your partner in advocacy! We are working with nationwide advocacy organizations and media groups to try and correct the narrative and ensure safe and healthy futures for our community!

SPEKTRUM Health on ABC’s Nightline with JuJu Chang:

What to expect at the start?

Medically assisted transition requires physical, emotional and financial readiness. You can plan on attending about 4 medical appointments in your first year! This means you may need to assess your schedule. We work with all major insurances, but coverage varies greatly. You should be prepared to support your transition financially if needed. Costs to consider are 1-Therapist appointment(s) (if needed), 2-Medical appointment(s), 3-Laboratory costs, 4-Medication costs. SPEKTRUM Health has a variety of cost savings programs and options! You should still plan on budgeting at least $100-150 per month.

SPEKTRUM Health consults a variety of standards, including those outlined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare (WPATH), The University of California San Francisco (UCSF), The Mazzoni Center and many more. We develop treatment plans WITH our patient’s. There is no one specific “method” that will work for everyone, so we pride ourselves on customizing your plan to meet your individual needs! This includes medical  & mental health gender transition services. We include our patients in goal setting providing the highest quality services & programs to meet the needs of the transgender/non-binary communities.


  • Medical Transition (Hormone & non-Hormonal Therapy)
  • Puberty Blockers / Puberty Deferment
  • Letter of support for GAT/HRT
  • Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) Support Letters
  • We have relationships with the nation’s best Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) Surgeons
  • Gender affirming communication (pronouns matter to us)
  • Flexible scheduling options (including virtual health/tele-med)
  • Ongoing mental health therapy options
  • Patient assistance support options
  • Bioidentical hormone treatment options


Our providers maintain up to date education and certifications in the field of transgender health. The Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia offers the foremost conference in continuing education courses pertaining to transgender health and medical transition. Our providers attend, participate and contribute to this conference each summer!

 SPEKTRUM Health follows a variety of research and guidelines.

To name a few:

*Howard Brown in Chicago, IL

*University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in SF, CA

*Callen-Lorde Center in NY, NY

*Fenway Health in Boston, MA

We are also taking important steps to publish OUR guidelines as a way to contribute to the body of knowledge and resources that support the health needs of transgender individuals! 


*SPEKTRUM Health’s therapist is happy to work with you to provide a letter up support for individuals starting Gender Affirming Therapy (GAT) / Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the first time. This letter is often useful for insurance authorization and surgical support for individuals who require it. This can often be done in as little as one session with our therapist! These letters are not about proving gender identity; they are an important screening to ensure we have a thorough assessment before an individual begins hormone treatment.