A Better Health Experience

Currently Providing VIRTUAL “telehealth” appointments! Our clinic location is coming soon, but we are certain you will love the convenience of virtual health for any of our service lines!

Primary Care

Virtual health is perfect for primary care. Refill your routine medications, or receive care for common minor illnesses!

HRT & Transhealth

Medical transition services and hormone replacement therapy. Joseph (Joey) Knoll, APRN is one of the ONLY professionally trained and certified providers for transgender healthcare in Central Florida! Transhealth is more than just hormones! We care about ALL of your needs!


Treatment as prevention. Pre-exposure prophylaxis. Post-exposure prophylaxis. We make your care easy!

STD Treat & Prevent

Convenient STD testing options, treatment plans and prevention! We make it comfortable and easy for you to handle accidental infections. 

Med-Psych Management

Medical management of mental health needs. Depression, Anxiety, Concentration and Focus Deficits, etc. We are here for YOU. 

Weight Management

Weight loss is tough. Let our providers support you during this journey! We offer medically assisted weight loss and nutritional counseling services!

We are A Full Service Primary Care

Virtual health is PERFECT for preventive and primary care!





No traffic!


No waiting rooms!

We are Full Service Primary Care!

Virtual health is PERFECT for preventive and primary care!


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Call us today if you have any questions about whether virtual health is right for you!